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CIGR 2010: 17. světový kongres

Vydáno: 15. 7. 2011

Sborník abstraktů z kongresu, který se uskutečnil v Québec City (Kanada) v červnu 2010.

Ve dnech 13.–17.6.2010 se uskutečnil v Québec City (Kanada) 17. světový kongres pod názvem “World Congress of the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering” (CIGR 2010). Hlavním tématem kongresu byly “Sustainable Biosystems through Engineering”. Vědecký program zahrnoval plenární zasedání, paralelní orální prezentace a výstavu posterů. Program CIGR 2010. Sborník abstraktů ze symposia je v příloze.

Součástí kongresu bylo symposium zaměřené na nanotechnologie: “Symposium on Nanotechnologies Applied to Biosystems Engineering and the Environment”. V rámci tohoto symposia byly prezentovány následující příspěvky:

1. Convergence – big potential: microfluidics for food, agriculture and biosystems industries
2. Conjugated linoleic acid formation by hydrogenation isomerization of safflower oil over bifunctional novel structured catalyst
3. Synthesis of CaCO3 nanoparticles by controlled precipitation from saturated sodium carbonate and calcium nitrate aqueous solutions
4. Antifungal activities of nano-crystalline and micrometric CaO, MgO and ZnO
5. A variable rate grain drill for planting seeds treated with silver nanoparticles
6. Removal of phosphate and nitrate anions from aqueous solutions using ammonium-functionalized MCM-48: breakthrough curves
7. Improvement of nutritional benefits in foods by incorporation of starch-antioxidant assemblies
8. A novel single-step route based on solvothermal technique to shape-controlled titanium nanocrystals
9. Stability of nano-emulsified lycopene under thermal processing
10. Effect of silver nanoparticles on seed protection in different soils
11. Adsorptive removal of phosphate anions from aqueous solutions using functionalized SBA-15: effects of the organic functional group
12. Effect of addition of different types of modified clays in the properties of opacity and solubility of zein biofilm
13. Alkanolamine/ionic liquid microemulsions: enhanced co2 capture ability with curbed corrosion behaviour
14. Separation of benzoic acid from cranberry juice by use of nanofiltration membranes
15. Advances of research on structural characterization of agricultural products using atomic force microscopy
16. Determination of the optimum combination of processes in nano-sizing flax fibres for use as sustainable reinforcement in bionanocomposites
17. Nano silver functionalization on Agrobacterium-mediated transformation with companionship of nanobiotechnology
18. Development of carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor using polymer nanoparticles for grain quality monitoring
19. Antibacterial activities of nano-crystalline CaO, MgO and ZnO on lactic bacteria
20. Effect on soil water and salt transfer by autumn irrigation for freezing and thawing period
21. Study of regional evapotranspiration of Hetao irrigation district based on TM-images

Příloha: CIGR 2010: Book of Abstracts (pdf, 2,45 MB, 404 stran)

Více informací o kongresu je k dispozici na internetových stránkách CSBE.