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Sympozium: Dlouhodobě udržitelná výživa a zabezpečení potravin

Vydáno: 5. 3. 2013
Autor: berankova1

Sympozium se bude konat ve dnech 28.-29. května 2013 v Lille (Francie).

Společný mítink organizací BNS/NS/SFN s názvem „Sustainable Diet and Food Security“ se uskuteční 28.-29. 5. 2013 ve Francii, ve městě Lille.

Plánovaný program:
Tuesday 28 May 2013

Symposium: Global challenges related to sustainable diet
Global issues on food security: perspectives for Europe
Sustainable diets: what are they and what are the challenges ?
Climate change, water and sustainable diets

Symposium: Food production system
Agricultural biodiversity for diet diversity, quality and ecosystem sustainability
Sustainability of organic food production: challenges and innovations.
Afterres 2050: modelling for food security and sustainable diets

Genetically modified foods and sustainable diets: harmful or helpful ?

Wednesday 29 May 2013
Symposium: Nutrition and health issues
Are dietary recommendations for fatty acids sustainable
Food production and greenhouse gas emission: how to change ?
The Mediterranean diet pattern as a prototype for sustainable diets

Symposium: Food for the future (renewal sources)
Insects as novel protein sources
Fisheries and aquaculture: contributing to sustainable diets
Opportunities to enhance omega 3 fatty acids within the diet
Fiber-rich carbohydrates

Symposium: Cultural diversity of sustainable diet
Urbanization and impact on sustainability of agrifood systems
Nutrition transition
Organic food consumption patterns: consumer demand and economic constraints.

Program (pdf, 82 kB)

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