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JRC Newsletter: březen/duben 2013

Vydáno: 15. 5. 2013
Autor: berankova1

Informační zpravodaj Společného výzkumného centra (JRC) Evropské komise.

JRC Newsletter:  březen/duben 2013  (pdf, 927 kB)

Z obsahu:
Finding the right balance with the world’s largest research scheme
Quantum technologies: new applications
Measuring global pollution and resource use footprint
Bioeconomy observatory to map progress towards a post-petroleum society
Fishing drives the loss of shark and ray populations in the Adriatic Sea
Reduced meat consumption benefits environment and health
20 years protecting human health from chemicals… and counting
Radiolabelling nanoparticles at JRC’s cyclotron allows detection and tracing
New approach to measure the full isotopic composition of uranium samples

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