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FoodSafety magazine – April/May 2013

Vydáno: 4. 4. 2013
Autor: berankova1

Vědecký časopis pro odborníky bezpečnosti a kvality potravin z celého světa.

Obsah časopisu „FoodSafety magazin“ – duben/květen 2013:

Industry Perceptions of Proposed FSMA Rule on Preventive Controls An expert panel was convened to address some of the more critical questions regarding the implementation of this new regulation.

A Disciplined and Unique Focus by Chiquita Brands Reduces Early Supply Chain Risk Continuous research and education are important components of Chiquita’s overall food safety program.

The Food Safety Modernization Act Is Everybody’s Business
Protecting people’s health through prevention of foodborne illness requires smart regulation and also demands a food safety-minded business culture.

Six Tips for Establishing a Safe and Effective Gluten- Free Kitchen
Following a series of simple steps will help restaurants safely serve gluten-free menu offerings as an added value to their guests.

FDA’s Changing Culture: What Every Food Company Needs to Know
FDA is becoming much more inspection-oriented and enforcement-minded, even before FSMA is fully implemented.

The Critical Cleaning Zone
Establishing zones within the food processing facility is an important technique for reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination.

Maximizing Insurance Coverage for Food Contamination Claims
Foodborne illness claims are among the greatest financial risks facing the food industry.

When STEC Are Your Target, Where Do You Aim?
Various segments of the beef processing industry now test for the Top Six EHEC using test kits or services from a number of companies or commercial laboratories.

Global Regulatory Considerations for Green Packaging
Minimizing packaging waste must be done in a way that maintains the safety and hygiene of the food to keep it safe.