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Kurzy BTSF 2021

Vydáno: 21. 1. 2021
Autor: lepeskova

on line kurzy BTSF (virtuální třídy)

Kurzy BTSF 2021 – celkem 30 kurzů probíhající on-line (virtuální třídy)

Food and feed:

  1.  Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) (Phase I) (Phase II)
  2.  Food hygiene at primary production 
  3.  Food hygiene flexibility
  4.  Microbiological Criteria and zoonose  (Phase I) (Phase II)
  5.  Outbreak preparedness and management in food (Phase I) (Phase II)
  6.  Contaminants in food and feed
  7.  Food improvement agents
  8.  Food contact material
  9.  Audits of plastic recycling processes
  10.  Food information and composition (Phase II)
  11. Animal Nutrition

Animal health and welfare:

  1.  Animal disease preparedness
  2.  Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies animal by products
  3.  Movements of pets
  4.  Animal Welfare rules (Phase I) (Phase II)

Plant health:

  1.  Plant health Controls 
  2.  Plant health surveys
  3.  Plant Protection Product evaluation
  4.  Integrated pest management
  5.  Plant Protection Products Application Equipment

Control activities:

  1.  Check at Border Inspection Posts
  2.  Food animal origin and composite products
  3.  New food investigation techniques: Food Fraud, E – commerce
  4.  Use of TRACES in Member States
  5.  Audit system and internal auditingOther topics:

1. Antimicrobial resistance (Phase I) (Phase II )
2. Organic farming
3. Protected Designation Schemes  (Phase II) 
4.  Risk Assessment
5. Support to enforcement in SPS fields (Phase I) (Phase II)